Two Years Into The Duchatelet Experiment

It is now two years since Roland Duchâtelet took control of Charlton Athletic.  Whatever it is that he thinks he’s up to, the results don’t make pretty reading.  Of the 93 league matches played since then, Charlton have won just 26, 29 have been drawn and an incredible (unless, that is, you’ve been unfortunate enough to witness the displays) 38 have been lost.  For every goal that Charlton have scored, the opposition have averaged 1.39.

When looked at on a season by season basis, it’s fair to say that the Duchâtelet régime got off to a bad start.  Forgivable, maybe, given that the playing squad that they inherited had been badly run-down, but not good.  The following season, 2014/15, got off to a good start and then deteriorated into a seemingly endless run of draws.  Whilst the current season has been an unmitigated disaster, with just four wins to date from 25 matches.

Screenshot 2016-01-06 23.01.52

A short while ago when questioned about the high number of managerial turnarounds Charlton have made in the last two years, CEO Katrien Meire  claimed that every decision was correct because the club improved every time.  This is an out and out lie.   We can safely discount Chris Powell in this who was never going to fit with the régime, also Damien Matthew and Ben Roberts who had the misfortune of leading the team for one match during the farcically hasty appointment of Guy Luzon.

Screenshot 2016-01-06 23.02.12

If we look at the other appointments and how they have fared, quite a pattern emerges.  First of all José Riga came in and he made quite a reasonable go of things.  Under his leadership the team averaged 1.5 points per game. For whatever reasons though, Riga was allowed to slip away to Blackpool, probably the only club in the league with  a worse set-up than Charlton.  Bob Peeters was brought in to replace him.  His team averaged 1.24 points per game.  Next came Guy Luzon with 1.18.  Finally we have Karel Fraeye, bringing in a relegation threatening 0.83 points per game.

So, far from Meire’s claim that every decision was right.  Every managerial appointment made by Charlton in the last two years has been worse than the preceding one.

It was the original intention that this blog would be impartial and would simply report the facts.  However, the last two years have been so bad that things need to be said: Karel Fraeye is just about as incompetent as a manager can get. Katriene Meire is out of her depth, and is certainly not suitable to be an executive. Roland Duchâtelet, the absentee landlord, has shown all the leadership skills of a dying worm.  It is time for them all to go, because the statistics couldn’t get much worse than this.


The Good, The Bad and The Indifferent. Charlton’s start to the 2015-16 Season.

A summary of how things were at Charlton’s opening match against QPR.



With the new season starting tomorrow, we take a look at how Charlton did in the pre-season friendlies.  First we have a summary of the matches and then of every players’ appearances.


Opponents Date Billing Ground Score Scorers Attendance
Welling Utd 11/07/2015 1st Team Park View Road 2-0 Ahearne-Grant 3, 6 2,100
15/07/2015 1st Team Cristal Arena 0-1 2,940
18/07/2015 1st Team Stayen Stadium 0-4 3,994
Dulwich Hamlet 18/07/2015 XI Champion Hill 3-2 Aribo 15
Jackson 43
Sinclair 68
& Redbridge
22/07/2015 1st Team Victoria Road 2-0 Partridge o.g. 38
Holmes-Dennis 66
Maidstone Utd 23/07/2015 XI Gallagher Stadium 1-1 Sinclair 61 528
West Ham Utd 25/07/2015 1st Team The Valley 0-0 8,678
Southend Utd 28/07/2015 Nominally
1st Team
Roots Hall 1-2 Kennedy 32 Not reported
Bolton Wanderers 31/07/2015 1st Team Macron Stadium 2-2 Watt 43, 60 4,541
Chelmsford City 04/08/2015 XI Melbourne Stadium 1-2 Ahearne-Grant 14 371


Played Won Drawn Lost For Against
10 3 3 4 12 14


Forename Surname Squad Number
Status All
Karlan AHEARNE-GRANT 18 From Development Squad 8 3
Zak ANSAH   1st Teamer 2 0
Joe ARIBO   Trialist from Slough 3 1
El-Hadji BA 22 Acquired from Sunderland 29/06 6 0
Jordan BEENEY   Development Squad 2 0
Aaron BARNES   Development Squad 6 0
Marcel BARRINGTON   Trialist formerly with Stoke and Leicester 1 0
Patrick BAUER 5 Acquired from C.S. Marítimo [Madeira] 22/06 6 0
Zakarya BERGDICH 19 Acquired from Real Valladolid 23/07 2 0
André BIKEY-AMOUGOU Established 1st Teamer 3 0
Sam BONE   Development Squad 1 0
Rhys BROWNE   Development Squad 1 0
Cristian CEBALLOS PRIETO 10 Acquired from Tottenham 23/07 1 0
Regan CHARLES-COOK 24 From Development Squad 7 0
Jordan COUSINS 8 Established 1st Teamer 5 0
Alou DIARRA 12 Established 1st Teamer 6 0
Marko DMITROVIC   Loaned to Alcorcon from 27/07 2 0
Archie EDWARDS   Development Squad 1 0
Conor FERGUSON   Trialist from Brisbane City 1 0
Morgan FOX 21 Established 1st Teamer 6 0
Reza GHOOCHANNEJHAD NOURNIA 15 Prodigal 1st Teamer 2 0
Priestly GRIFFITHS   Trialist formerly with Middlesbrough 1 0
Jóhann Berg GUÐMUNDSSON 7 Established 1st Teamer 5 0
Brandon HANLAN Development Squad 2 0
Callum HARRIOTT 11 Established 1st Teamer 5 0
Stephen HENDERSON 1 Established 1st Teamer 2 0
Tareiq HOLMES-DENNIS 17 From Development Squad 8 1
Johnnie JACKSON 4 Established 1st Teamer 6 1
Ahmed KASHI 3 Acquired from Metz 21/07 3 0
Alex KELLY   Development Squad 3 0
Mikhail KENNEDY   Development Squad 5 1
Ezri KONSA   Development Squad 3 0
George LAPSLIE   Development Squad 1 0
Harry LENNON 26 From Development Squad 7 0
Ademola LOOKMAN   Development Squad 2 0
Simon MAKIENOK 9 Loaned from Palermo 5 0
Dimitar MITOV 27 From Development Squad 4 0
Frank MOUSSA 44 Long term injury 0 0
Oliver MULDOON   Development Squad 4 0
Loïc NÉGO 1st Teamer 2 0
Martin NETZER   Trialist formerly with Brentford 1 0
Ayo OBILEYE   Development Squad 5 0
Piotr PARZYSZEK   Returning loanee, loaned out again 0 0
Joe PIGOTT 23 Returning loanee 6 0
Dexter PETER   Trialist formerly with Norwich 2 0
Nick POPE 30 1st Teamer 7 0
Mouhamadou-Naby SARR 6 Acquired from Sporting Lisbon 28/07 2 0
Tobi SHO-SILVA   Development Squad 4 0
Jake SINCLAIR   Trialist formerly with Southampton 3 2
Chris SOLLY 20 Established 1st Teamer 5 0
Josh STAUNTON   Trialist formerly with Gillingham 3 0
Terell THOMAS   Development Squad 4 0
Josh UMERAH   Development Squad 2 0
Igor VETOKELE 14 Established 1st Teamer 2 0
Tony WATT 32 Established 1st Teamer 6 2
Rhoys WIGGINS 16 1st Teamer – Sold to Sheffield Wed. 05/08 3 0

For a more detailed look at player appearances, please see the following spreadsheet:  2015 – Pre Season Friendlies

Seeing Double

Saturday’s victory over Reading gave Charlton their second league double of the season; the first coming against Wigan. The only other chance of a double this season is against Bolton. Whether that is achieved or not, it is still a big improvement on last season when there were no league doubles. So far, our best since gaining promotion to The Championship is three in 2012/13 (Leicester, Blackpool, Bristol City). The promotion season itself saw the club equal its all time record of nine league doubles, notching up eighteen wins against Bournemouth, Brentford, Carlisle, Chesterfield, Exeter, Hartlepool, Sheffield Utd, Wycombe and Yeovil.

Congratulations to Yoni Buyens who scored his first Brace for Charlton on Saturday. The second of which was also his first from open play – the rest all having come from the penalty spot. Buyens has now scored against: Colchester in the Cup, Derby, Watford, Blackpool, Cardiff, Blackburn and two against Reading. The Cardiff goal was the only one scored away from home.

Will done to Simon Church who for the first time in his Charlton career has scored in two consecutive matches: Scoring with a 61st minute strike against Blackpool on Tuesday and putting away what turned out to be the winning goal against Reading on Saturday. Simon has once scored twice in a match for the Addicks in a 4-0 victory against Oxford in the League Cup.

Have Charlton Turned A Corner?

Having scored nine goals and taken nine points from the last four games, it is suddenly feeling good to be a Charlton fan again. After a dreadful January that saw us score just one goal and earn two points, the team seems rejuvenated.  The incoming players have fitted in very well and Guy Luzon seems to have the whole team playing with considerable confidence.  So how did February as a month compare to the other months so far in Charlton’s league season?

February was certainly the most polarised month so far.  During Bob Peeters reign, a massive 52% of all games ended in draws. In February there wasn’t one.  The three wins of February are the most in any month this season, but then so are the three defeats.  In terms of points per game (PPG) the healthy 1.5 of February is the third best so far this season.  It’s not as good as those optimistic days at the beginning of the season with our 11 match unbeaten run, but it is head and shoulders above the dark days of winter when we only just scraped half a point per game.  It is particularly pleasing that the club’s league position has risen from 18th to 12th over the course of the month.

It is perhaps to early to say if the corner has been turned yet, but both the performances and the results have been the best for quite a while.  If a similar level performance continued throughout March we might reasonably expect to take around 8 points.  That would bring us up to the 50 point mark and probable Championship safety.

Screenshot 2015-03-01 01.44.17In the table above, Charlton’s monthly performances are ranked by Points Per Game and then Goal Difference.

Charlton 3 Brentford 0

Saturday saw a fantastic win for Charlton and a long awaited one.  The 13 match winless streak (14 including the cup) has finally ended.  As the calendar below shows it’s been a long time since a we had a win and a longer time since we had a good one:

Time since a win – 3 months

Time since a home win – 4 months

Time since a home win on a Saturday – 5 months

Time since a win by 3 goals – 6 months

Time since three different players scored – 6 months

20150214 Records from Brentford Match