Charlton Timeline 1975-92

From promotion in 1975 to financial worries and then exile in 1985 and finally return home in 1992

Charlton returned to the Second division in 1975 at the third time of asking. Underfunding and a lack of development continued to be problems though. Following a change of ownership in 1982 the club was left financially overstretched leading to a string of debts and court appearances. A rescue package saved the club with minutes to spare in 1984, but within a year the new board turned from heroes to villains as the club was forced to leave The Valley. Only the joint actions of a new board and the fans would see the club return home.

Club History Timeline 1974 1992

Part 5 of 7:

1905-1921 – The Early Years

1921-1939 – Charlton’s Meteoric Rise

1939-1957 – Top Flight Football

1958-1974 – In The Doldrums

To Come:

1993-2006 – To the Premiership

2006-date – Post-Premiership


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