Easier Times Ahead?

Are Charlton about to play some  some easier team?

20140919 Poitions of Opposition Teams

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Twice last week we played teams in the top three of the table.  It was difficult, but we came away with four points, so something’s going right.  We’ve had a few trick fixtures so far and remain unbeaten.  With the exception of Norwich, the next teams all look as if they could be a bit easier.  On paper, at least!


What’s This?

Fixture ClumpingWhat's This

It’s a graphic displaying Charlton’s fixtures in the first six weeks of the 2014-15 season. Each week is in a different row; Saturdays are all in the left hand column; Tuesdays are all in the centre column. Look at it. It’s all wrong isn’t it? Not wrong in the sense that there are errors in it, but wrong in the sense that it shouldn’t look like that.  The red icons represent home games and they are all clumped together in two little clusters.  Of course, it must be difficult planning a season’s worth of football and keeping everyone happy, but it is quite astounding just how often the Football League get it wrong.