Charlton Timeline 1921-39

From League Newbies in 1921 to One of the Biggest Clubs In The Country by 1939

Not long after moving into The Valley, the Charlton Board facing chronic debt and disappointing crowds decided to move to Catford in a ground share with Catford Southend. The club started playing in Catford’s colours and even seem to have picked up Catford’s nickname “The Kittens”. Had they stayed there it is probable that sooner or later the identity of Charlton Athletic would have been lost forever. However, crowds at The Mount were even more disappointing than at The Valley so the club moved back, helped by a payment of £500 from Humphreys the builders to whom the club was already in debt for building work at The Valley. In 1933 Jimmy Seed took over as manager, within a couple of years he had built Charlton’s greatest team. A side that would win two successive promotions and then spend the three years until WWII in the top four of the First Division.

Club History Timeline 1921 1939

Part 2 of 7:

1905-1921 – The Early Years

To come:

1939-1956 – Top Flight Football

1956-1974 – In the Doldrums

1974-1992 – Decline and in Exile

1993-2006 – To The Premiership

2006-date – Post-Premiership


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