What is Staddickstics?

It’s a blog dedicated to the collation, presentation and publication of facts, figures and statistics about Charlton Athletic Football Club. It is likely to be a bit different to other Charlton blogs. There are plenty of Charlton bloggers who are erudite, witty and display great penmanship (if that’s the right phrase in the digital age); bloggers who remember games and goals and who understand tactics. We’re different to that. What we have is a crack unit of highly trained number-monkeys who are skilled in addition, subtraction and drawing straight lines on graph paper. Oh, and making lists; they are very good at that. We’re not looking to reproduce some sort of OPTA stats package though, it’s not all about match analysis – it’s freer in scope than that. Postings could be about anything; well anything Charlton.

What’s with the ridiculous name?

Its a very poor attempt at tmesis, bringing together the words Statistics (well almost) and Addicks, Charlton’s nickname. We know it looks odd, we know it’s difficult to read, and we know that when said out loud it sounds a bit like ‘sadistic’. Though given some of Charlton’s historical records, perhaps only a sadist would publish them! We don’t like the name any more than you do, but we’re stuck with it now so we might as well get on with it.

What links do you have with the club?

None whatsoever, other than being fans. There are no official links and no secret information channels (not that we’d tell you if there were). They don’t even know that we exist. All of the information we have is already in the public domain in one form or another, it’s just been dusted-off, moulded and re-shaped a little.



  1. Was that the team’s first failure on December 5th since 1992?
    I remember the home win on that date against Southend in 2009,
    when I also won the Valley Gold draw!
    At least there was the 20th anniversary this weekend of the wonderful away win in 1995…
    but still waiting for that next one there!
    Sorry to see the flooded state of Carlisle United’s ground…very fond memories
    of promotion matches away there of course.
    The team had more-than decent seasons in 1935-6, 1945-6, 1985-6 (results-wise anyway),
    1995-6,2005-6 FA Cup etc, so how about this season??


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