Charlton Timeline 1939-57

From the start of WWII in 1939 to Charlton’s Relegation from Top Flight in 1957

Charlton’s meteoric rise to the top of the Football League was halted due to the outbreak of war in 1939.  The club (like every other club) were forced to play in Wartime leagues, though there was some success on the War Cups.  Charlton’s cup successes continued after the war with two FA Cup final appearances including a win in 1947.  Over the next ten years though the club steadily declined resulting in relegation in 1957.

Club History Timeline 1939 1957


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CORRECTION:  Please note that Jimmy Seed’s sacking was actually on the 3rd September 1956, not the 1st. The 1st was the date of his last game in charge of Charlton though.  Thank you to Jimmy’s grandson, Jim Dutton, for informing me of this.


Part 3 of 7:

1905-1921 – The Early Years

1921-1939 – Charlton’s Meteoric Rise

To come:

1956-1974 – In the Doldrums

1974-1992 – Decline and in Exile

1993-2006 – To The Premiership

2006-date – Post-Premiership



  1. White shirts with Red Shoulder fladhes and black socks came in in 63-64 season not 64-65. This kit wss worn when I first went to Charlton without parent. First game was 09/11/1963 Charlton 4 – 3 Rotherham United. I said to a friend if we didn’t score in 1st min I wouldn’t go again. Firmani scored in 1 min 20 secs. Close enough. Rotherham’s keeper was cslled Ironside.

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    1. Thanks very much for the feedback and the interesting personal story, Paul. After doing some further research, I have updated the said timeline. Much appreciated.


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