Is Big Bob Charlton’s Greatest Ever Manager?

Monday 15th September 2014 – Comparison of Bob Peeters to his predecessors in their starts as Charlton Manager 

Frankly, only a mad person would make a positive answer to such a question.  Indeed, you’d need to be a little bit touched just to ask it.  Bob has been in charge for only six league matches, which is far to early to attach any significance to in terms of greatness.  Nevertheless, getting a team who were widely tipped to struggle to win three and draw three is quite some achievement. We therefore decided to compare Bob’s start to that of all of the previous Charlton managers who have been in charge for six games or more (that’s all of them except Les Gore and Keith Peacock).  How does Bob’s record compare?

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 09.00.36

The table shows that Bob’s run of three wins and three draws is indeed the best six-match start made by any Charlton manager.  Just pipping the previous best, set by Chris Powell, on goal difference. At the wrong end of the table Theo Foley and Mike Bailey made the poorest starts each getting just two draws to show from their opening league fixtures.


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