Six Games Unbeaten

Sunday 14th September 2014 – Charlton’s Best Starts  “Quit while you’re ahead”, that’s what they say. Well this blog is going to do the opposite, it’s going to start whilst we’re ahead. The we in question being Charlton Athletic Football Club, or The Addicks as we are alternatively known. The point of this blog is to record and publish various statistics, facts and (hopefully) interesting information about the club. It will not seek to provide anything like comprehensive coverage and it’s structure may seem quite random non-existent. Hopefully over time though it will become a cornucopia of Addicks related facts and figures. Then again, maybe not. If you hadn’t already guessed, this blog isn’t owned, run or probably even on the radar of the club itself – certainly not at the time of writing, if it ever will be. It is completely independent, but very interested. So, what is this ‘ahead’ business that we were talking about in the opening sentence? It is Sunday 14th August 2014. Yesterday Charlton beat Watford at The Valley to go 5th in the league table. We are now unbeaten in six straight league matches from the start of the season (eight including the end of last season). It’s been a very good, if not surprising. start. How does it compare with other starts the club has made.

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 09.08.08

The table shows that on 11 occasions Charlton have con unbeaten in their opening six league matches. The best was in 2009-10 when we had six straight wins. The longest we’ve kept the unbeaten sequence going was to the 12th match; this has been achieved twice (1927-28 and 2011-12). The lowest position in the table that we have finished a season after going six matches undefeated is 14th.


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